House Rule - 'Ritualizing' Magic

What does ‘Ritualizing’ Mean?

It is assumed that when you do magic, you are doing so through the channels of your particular world view. A blood mage might look beneath the skin of their opponent to ‘read’ their blood and learn things about them. But, physically, you may not do a whole lot – in our case, the mage might simply stare intently while whispering a few words to the person’s blood.

When you are ‘ritualizing’ something, you are actively exploring, manipulating, or controlling it through overt use of your paradigm. This means that you are using your foci, and world view in an active way to help you see more clearly. In our example above, it might mean that the mage takes a moment to nick his finger with a ritual blade and drink it before calling out to the strangers blood. You are no longer just relying on what you believe, but are instead actively involving the ‘methods’ of your belief.

What does it do?

Mechanically, it combines the use of high speech as well as the use of foci. You spend one round ritually preparing, and on the following round receive +2 dice and -1 paradox die.

House Rule - 'Ritualizing' Magic

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