House Rule - Mana

Mana House Rules

The following changes are being implemented to further support the thematic feel and mechanical effects of the campaign. Keep in mind that these changes are designed to encourage the magical ‘feel’ and keep mana from simply being some arbitrary trait that is spent.

Mana Usage

Mana is required for any spell that specifically states it, as well as any improvised effect that would do aggravated damage.
Mana is required for any spell that uses a sympathetic effect.
Mana is NOT required for casting improvised magic outside your primary Arcana.
Mana can also be used to add 3 additional dice to a casting roll, just like Willpower.

Mana Accumulation and Storage

A Mage’s Personal Mana Max = 9+Gnosis
Personal Mana takes two forms – Internal and External:

  • Internal Personal Mana is energy stored within the Mage’s own pattern, and cannot exceed the Mage’s stamina trait. It can be accessed at any time, without any sort of ritualization.
  • External Personal Mana is energy stored in the Mage’s magical trappings and components. This can include any sort of item that the Mage might use when ritualizing , or in other such items that are appropriate to the character’s paradigm. The Mage is not required to ritualize the spell or effect, but the trappings must be accessible in order to draw their tapped mana. This mana is ‘tied’ to the mage’s pattern, and cannot be freely transfered without Prime effects. It’s max value is the difference between Internal and Max.

External Mana is any sort of mana that is stored independently of the mage, such as that found in Tass or Artifacts. Tass is destroyed in the process of draining the mana. An artifact or other Mana containing item ceases to function if it’s mana pool is reduced to 0, and such items regain mana at a rate of 1 point per rating point per week (though they can also gather uncollected mana from a hollow). Generally, Artifacts have a mana pool of (10+Spell Level)/2.

Recovering Mana

During gameplay, Mana may be recovered per the normal rules – 1 point per point in Hallow. Between chapters, or during downtime, Mana is ‘equalized’ by using the following system -

Each Mage may choose to ‘Play it Safe’ and set their Mana at 5. This represents an active choice to conserve mana. Alternately, a Mage may roll a single d10 and set his mana pool to that level (1-10). Finally, each point in Hallow produces one point of Tass that may be accumulated by a mage during this downtime.

House Rule - Mana

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