AV's Gear List

AV’s Gear List

Given his paradigm AV is a bit of a tech-head. Here’s the stuff he normally has on his person/stowed nearby:

‘The Boy’ – AV’s rat bike

Named after “Johnny the Boy” from MAD MAX, AV’s bike is a dirt bike that’s held together by duct tape and the grace of God. AV knows just enough about mechanics to keep the bike running… more-or-less.

AV’s “main” camera – HC-V720

AV keeps this slung around his neck, and in cooler weather will keep it tucked inside his hoodie. Sometimes he’s able to truly conceal it, but most of the time it looks like… well, that he’s got a camera stuffed down his front. When AV works his magic he frequently adjusts switches and knobs that you didn’t notice were there before…

iPad mini with keypad

Just what it sounds like. AV never keeps anything sensitive on here; when he uses it to edit the Feature Presentation he doesn’t save the results.

Lookcie 3 – wearable camera

AV has a couple of these laying around and usually has one on him or on The Boy. AV likes to talk about the arcane minutae that makes the Lookcie superior to most GoPros… but really, it’s just that the Lookcie is slightly smaller – and much cheaper.

Duct Tape

Because The Boy often needs spot repairing. Also: duct tape.

AV's Gear List

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