House Rule - Rotes

Unlike normal Mage games, rotes do not represent spells that have been codified into a set mnemonic procedure. Instead, they represent particular effects that have been practiced extensively, or which the mage is inherently skilled at.

Rote Effects
When a rote is learned, a Mage can choose one of these three effects. Having more than one would count as multiple rotes.

1) Bonus Dice – Instead of the normal die pool, this spell uses Arcana+7 dice. If this rote is not ‘max rank’ for it’s sphere, then the points can be used as part of an Automatic Success calculation.

2) Reflexivness – This spell may be cast at any time with little more than a thought. It may be cast in the same round as another action without accumulating a penalty, and may be used to interrupt an action when reasonable.

3) Natural – The character may take this for a rote that is currently max rank for it’s associated sphere. By doing so, the character may still use automatic successes for this effect. If the character later improves the sphere, this rote automatically converts to one of the other two types.

House Rule - Rotes

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