House Rule - Nimbus

As a mage grows in power they develop an impact on the world that goes beyond their active will – they have begun to shape the world reflexively to better suit their paradigm. These magical effects, associated with the sphere the mage resonates most intuitively with, are limited in scope but still tend to flavor the world around them. Moreover, it gently guides things to line up with their world view. Obviously, this is a very specialized effect, and no two mages experience the same Nimbus.

Mechanically, a Mage develops a Nimbus when they reach level 3 in their first sphere. This becomes the resonant sphere, though other spheres that advance may color this Nimbus. minor effects (weaker than level 1) occur without any effect on the part of the Mage, and generally conform to their will without any conscious control. Mages who reach higher levels of mastery slowly see their Nimbus expand in power and scope, which can occasionally cause problems.

Additionally, the Nimbus will sometimes ‘flare’ during powerful magic, giving the mage an aura that even sleepers can observe.

Players are encouraged to draw on these effects in their own narration – they need not rely on the Storyteller alone to bring them to bare.

House Rule - Nimbus

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