Fragmented Dreams

Chapter 2 - Lost & Found - S2 Summary

Plot Summary

The session began with the party split into two groups -

In one group, A.V. and Balsa investigated a strange tape, trying to speculate as to what it might be or where it might come from. Clearly they have something strange, possibly from another timeline, but why is it here and how did it end up in a sleepers hands?

In another, Crystal and Charlotte converge on the house of Matias, a man who seems to be stricken by bills and debtors. There, they purchase a box of uncommon films, but do not find the one that might have drawn Gloria__Gena out. Is this man cursed, or is he simply the unlucky recipient of regular bad luck?

As the party comes together, fate throws a challenge their way – a speedy car driven by two drunks careening towards a deaf girl. Through a combined effort of magic, the group spares the child, though there is plenty of chaos still – and it seems as though a spirit, now wearing the face of a boy, is involved.

The group comes back later, investigating a mystically tainted orphanage, and are approached by a young girl named Wendy. She offers to tell them more if they can catch her in hide-and-seek, but it quickly becomes clear that the spirit world is involved. The further harassment of a sprite-like creature sends the mages recoiling… this is a path none of them are ready to travel on.

Yet, A.V’s safety may be at risk, not to mention the wellbeing of a young woman who came down this path not knowing what it meant. A mystery lies before them…

XP -

Automatic – All

Learning Curve -

  • Crystal – One life was traded for another, but is the life of a child really worth more than that of a cat? Even if it is, does Crystal have the right to make that choice?
  • A.V. – Fate, it seems, is more tangled than even AV wants to admit. What he thought was a problem of his own now spirals outward, drawing in other tangents and troubles.
  • Charlotte – ( I can’t read my own note… help me here Ray? )
  • Balsa – The young woman still hasn’t put everything together. There are lessons to be learned… but has she learned them?

Roleplaying – (GM Note)

Heroism The party risked their selves, both physically, socially, and metaphysically simply to save a stranger. Is not this heroism?


thrummycap SeanCasey

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