Fragmented Dreams

Conclusion - The White Glove Society

In the end, the band of Mages found the source of the strange cult, and ended him with a stake through the heart. In the aftermath, they were able to put together some of the puzzle pieces, making out a strange circle lead by a vampiric figure head. But, in some ways they left with as many questions as answers.

Several loose threads now flutter in the winds of destiny -

The Jester, a man named Kevin Dunderson, gave up his mask reluctantly. Though he has no power to bring to bear, he remains confident that others will come – and the mages will pay for what they have done.

Derrick White, a body guard who survived the ordeal, realized he was dealing with some strange figures – but now he knows that their are worse things out there than blood drinking cultists.

Erin Lenora, the woman who wore the mask of the Queen has recovered, and remembers most of what happened as a strange dream. Yet, can one truly escape the touch of the supernatural once they have dove so deeply into it? Meanwhile, her husband Jeremy found the body of their daughter in the garage and has turned his considerable wealth towards finding who, or what, did this – and making sure to dispense his own brand of justice.

And Detective Henrick Fidnarr has investigated the scene of an explosive cover-up, and found the clues to be more than he can comprehend. Even without knowing it, he has begun to nose his way into a world beyond his comprehension.

What role these figures will play remains to be scene, but it’s clear that the actions of the characters leave echoes on the world around them.


thrummycap SeanCasey

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