The Tape

At first glance this simple VHS tape appears to be nothing more than an aged copy of an old film, and most people pay it no more attention than that. However, the label claims the movie to be the lost film "Nobody Ordered Love”, something that will catch the eye of certain film experts.

The problem is simple with the tape is it’s mix of authenticity and fallacy -

  • The label is appropriate for a VHS re-release of a movie from that time period, with all of the appropriate information. However, the movie was lost before it could be converted into a VHS format, making such a thing impossible.
  • The plot is almost identical to the original film, with small deviations through the film. The deviations give the movie a slightly more positive feeling than the original synopsis did, with less ludicrous moments. This makes the film slightly more palatable than it otherwise would have been.
  • The credits suggest that Rank films still holds the rights to the film, an impossibility since the studio and the directory parted ways on unpleasant terms.

The beginning of the tape has been overwritten by a short intro by Feliciano where he gifts the tape to his daughter. This suggests that he didn’t really understand what he had on his hands, and was just trying to impress his daughter with the find. Fortunately, it doesn’t overwrite any of the movie or credits themselves.

All in all, the film seems to stand as an impossibility. It is a masterful recreation of a lost film, but which also actively deviates from the known script.

The Tape

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