Heart of the Fae


On the end of long, silver chain, sits a shriveled, blackened heart no larger than a walnut. It appears inert at a glance, but those who let their eyes linger can tell that it is slowly pulsing, it’s rhythm barely discernible.


The Heart must be worn against the skin, and the chain adjusted so that it hangs level with the users own heartbeat. In order to ‘activate’ the Heart, the Mage must clutch the Heart and squeeze it. At that moment, the Heart’s pulse strengthens, and it beats in time with the Mages own heartbeat. In the moment, the mage’s very essence becomes aligned with the ‘hearbeat’ of creation… and by following the pulse of the heart, they are sure to make their next action at exactly the right time.


The Heart of the Fae is a rank 3 artifact, that duplicates the rote ‘Perfect Timing’ upon use. Doing so requires the expenditure of one mana, which can be payed from the Mage’s own reserves, or from the five mana that reside within the heart. The cost can be negated if the mage’s other hand squashes a flesh & blood heart at the time of activation.

Roll Gnosis +1 – Each Success adds one Die to the next roll the Mage makes.

Heart of the Fae

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