Fragmented Dreams

Chapter 2 - Lost & Found - S3 Summary

(Forgot to do this… so here is a truncated summary)

The party, after some deliberation, decided to contact Wendy again. She showed them a path into ‘Neverland’. They traveled there by ‘flying’, but crash landed just as the sun was rising on a strange island off the Oregon coast.

So far, they know little of the island, but are about to be ‘greeted’ by a strange beast.

Chapter 2 - Lost & Found - S2 Summary
Plot Summary

The session began with the party split into two groups -

In one group, A.V. and Balsa investigated a strange tape, trying to speculate as to what it might be or where it might come from. Clearly they have something strange, possibly from another timeline, but why is it here and how did it end up in a sleepers hands?

In another, Crystal and Charlotte converge on the house of Matias, a man who seems to be stricken by bills and debtors. There, they purchase a box of uncommon films, but do not find the one that might have drawn Gloria__Gena out. Is this man cursed, or is he simply the unlucky recipient of regular bad luck?

As the party comes together, fate throws a challenge their way – a speedy car driven by two drunks careening towards a deaf girl. Through a combined effort of magic, the group spares the child, though there is plenty of chaos still – and it seems as though a spirit, now wearing the face of a boy, is involved.

The group comes back later, investigating a mystically tainted orphanage, and are approached by a young girl named Wendy. She offers to tell them more if they can catch her in hide-and-seek, but it quickly becomes clear that the spirit world is involved. The further harassment of a sprite-like creature sends the mages recoiling… this is a path none of them are ready to travel on.

Yet, A.V’s safety may be at risk, not to mention the wellbeing of a young woman who came down this path not knowing what it meant. A mystery lies before them…

XP -

Automatic – All

Learning Curve -

  • Crystal – One life was traded for another, but is the life of a child really worth more than that of a cat? Even if it is, does Crystal have the right to make that choice?
  • A.V. – Fate, it seems, is more tangled than even AV wants to admit. What he thought was a problem of his own now spirals outward, drawing in other tangents and troubles.
  • Charlotte – ( I can’t read my own note… help me here Ray? )
  • Balsa – The young woman still hasn’t put everything together. There are lessons to be learned… but has she learned them?

Roleplaying – (GM Note)

Heroism The party risked their selves, both physically, socially, and metaphysically simply to save a stranger. Is not this heroism?

Chapter 2 - Lost & Found - S1 Summary

Plot Summary

Before launching into the present story, their was a short narrative about the evolution of the group’s hallow, which now includes a strange screen where users review their own past in grainy, mind bending detail. The game then returned to the present -

On what was otherwise a quiet night at work, A.V. found himself threatened and intimidated by a gun wielding man he later identified as Edward Jaylen. Apparently, Edward’s sister, an old rival of A.V.‘s had gone missing and the young man had decided to forgive an old wrong if A.V. could use his ’political connections’ to find his his sister Denice. He didn’t seem to realize where Alex’s real power came from, and instead assumed that his presence at the summer’s party indicated political or underworld connections.

After agreeing, A.V. met up with the other mages and discussed the situation. Unfortunately, the only real clues they had to go on were a key and an address, along with A.V.’s knowledge of the woman from his past rivalry with her. It was agreed that they would check out the house and see what they could discover.

The Jaylen home itself seemed somewhat overrun and neglected, though clearly it was once beautiful. Investigation inside revealed that the family of four seemed to have lost their son to the military a few years back, while the father had slipped into the grave about a year ago. The mother, Susan, and daughter had been floating by, though clearly Gloria_Gena, or Denice, had been spending most of her time shut away in a well appointed filmographical fortress.

Inside her room, the group discovered a few things of note. First, she had apparently left of her own accord about a week ago, attending to meet with a man named Mario Matias who was selling some second hand movies, one of which interested her – 1965’s Gogolo – a lost film. The other thing of note was a VHS film of ‘Nobody Ordered Love’, the lost film that had been at the heart of Denise’s online fall from fame. Oddly, the film seems to contradict AV;s sure-fire knowledge, creating a strange duality that they have yet to understand. The film also features Denice’s now dead father, Feliciano, and raises as many questions as it answers.

Deciding to split up for the time, A.V. and Balsa returned to safety with the VHS player and it’s contents (following an accident where the tape had nearly been destroyed). Together, they safely extracted and restored the damaged VHS. Meanwhile, Crystal and Charlotte made their way to Mario’s home, setting up camp a short distance away to examine the home. They noted that two adult sized humans were in the home, and the home had a resonance of poverty and desperation. Charlotte also tried to locate Denice’s mind and was unable to do so – suggesting that she might be dead, in a comma, or somehow beyond the reach of her magic.

Through all of this, everyone save Crystal struggles with their own recent forays into deeper magic – each unlocking the third tier of a given arcana.

Award Notes

Automatic XP – All
Learning Curve XP – Crystal has begun to question the reliability of time in general, and seems to be struggling with her own feeble understanding. What if they can’t trust their own memories to be true? What if the past is as mutable as the future?
Roleplaying XP – All, A.V. & Charlotte were specifically called out as exceptional.
Heroism XP – A.V.s bravery in the moment was mentioned, but it didn’t quite seem to fit

Willpower – A.V. seemed to have furthered his own vice – but was already full of WP

Arcane xp – None. Several players are on the verge of such an insight, but none are there yet.

Best Spell of the Night
It was decided that the best use of magic was probably Charlotte’s use of sympathetic magic, in connection with her knowledge of the human psyche, to find a password that resonated with Denice’s computer. It was an excellent way to overcome what could have become a major problem.

Conclusion - The White Glove Society

In the end, the band of Mages found the source of the strange cult, and ended him with a stake through the heart. In the aftermath, they were able to put together some of the puzzle pieces, making out a strange circle lead by a vampiric figure head. But, in some ways they left with as many questions as answers.

Several loose threads now flutter in the winds of destiny -

The Jester, a man named Kevin Dunderson, gave up his mask reluctantly. Though he has no power to bring to bear, he remains confident that others will come – and the mages will pay for what they have done.

Derrick White, a body guard who survived the ordeal, realized he was dealing with some strange figures – but now he knows that their are worse things out there than blood drinking cultists.

Erin Lenora, the woman who wore the mask of the Queen has recovered, and remembers most of what happened as a strange dream. Yet, can one truly escape the touch of the supernatural once they have dove so deeply into it? Meanwhile, her husband Jeremy found the body of their daughter in the garage and has turned his considerable wealth towards finding who, or what, did this – and making sure to dispense his own brand of justice.

And Detective Henrick Fidnarr has investigated the scene of an explosive cover-up, and found the clues to be more than he can comprehend. Even without knowing it, he has begun to nose his way into a world beyond his comprehension.

What role these figures will play remains to be scene, but it’s clear that the actions of the characters leave echoes on the world around them.

Session Summary - 7/11/14

(Note: I’ll update the names later when I have access to my notes)

  • Crystal went with (the Sneering Queen) to her home, masquerading as a friend who had been watching over her.
  • It was noted that the home had an alarm system.
  • Crystal began looking for notes, and also called out to The Hangman for help. She found a note left for (the Sneering Queen), and was warned to avoid the garage by The Hangman. She ate the note.
  • The rest of the characters arrived in a pickup truck, and decided to enter the garage and investigate.
  • Inside, they found a 12 year old girl who appears to have hung herself. Later investigation showed that she was alone at the time of he death, but their was a car in the garage that has since been moved.
  • Meanwhile, Crystal helped the Sneering Queen prepare for that night’s party. Then, left her to rest in her bedroom.
    *In the garage, it was noted that someone had hacked the junction box. The players decided to trigger a fake alarm, so whoever was listening would come running.
  • They lay in ambush…
  • … and about 10 minutes later, two guys showed up. One was a hipster looking fellow who tried to use some sort of magical power on a character, the other was an tall, gun-wielding guy with a gun.
  • Through a combination of luck and magic, the party subdued the two, and decided to take them hostage in order to get some answers.
  • Additionally, Crystal was able to help keep the Sneering Queen asleep, while Balsa helped keep things quiet. The hope is that noone is any wiser to the chaos that happened here.
  • The party is now taking the captive(s) somewhere to get some questions answered.

(If I missed anything critical, please let me know!)

The White Glove Society
Chapter 1 - Episode 1

Summary of Event Timeline

  • Crystal received an Invite to a Masquerade Party from her gregarious friend Eric.
  • Crystal attended the party, where Eric was selected as the “King for the Night”.
  • Following the party, Eric seemed to go missing completely.
  • When the mages went to investigate, they were hit by a wave of amnesia, with memories of Eric slipping away.
  • The mages reconvened at the Sanctum, and decided to investigate further.
  • Most leads ended nowhere – the parties are very mysterious. However, AV twisted fate and delivered a single invitation on July 2nd, for a July 4th party.
  • The mages also note that they can remember Eric once again.
  • The mages crafted 3 more invitations, including the ‘bloody thumbprint’ on the bottom, as well as costumes and masks.
  • Balsa and Charlotte performed a ritual that would hide everyone’s aura during the length of the party.
  • The mages arrived at the party, held at a National Guard base.
  • During the party:
    -—— AV Traveled around with a middle-aged beauty named Jezabelle
    -—— Charlotte watched the party for ‘wolves among the sheep’
    -—— Crystal and Balsa both enjoyed the party – within reason.
  • At 1 AM, the ‘Sneering Queen’ named Jezebel ‘Queen for the Night’.
  • Charlotte observed ‘wolves’ closing in over time, slowly separating Jezebel from the rest of the party.
  • Balsa followed, and waited to Ambush, the Sneering Queen (who had bent Balsa’s will with some sort of magic)
  • Eventually, AV was separated from Jezebel, and the players decided it was time to act:
    -—— AV used his mind magic to steer Jezebel towards the exit
    -—— Crystal made all of the vermin in the building go crazy
    -—— Balsa confronted the Sneering Queen
    -—— Charlotte wisely headed for the exit
  • End of Session

XP Award –
Downtime XP – 2 XP for May and June
Arcane XP – 1 XP for participating in ritual magic

(Please let me know if I missed anything)

Summary - Chapter Zero

Hospitals, by their very nature, are places where tragic things sometimes happen. But, in a mystery the circle unraveled, OHSU had a particularly dark spot that it had gone to great lengths to hide. As it turns out, a particularly crazed doctor in the mid 30’s resorted to all sorts of torture in the name of science, and by the time his work was ended, he had laid the painful groundwork for two tortured souls. When a young academic, Caleb Hornfellow , was tasked with sweeping it under the rug, the fate of those souls was cemented in time.

And for decades, they slumbered, hidden away in the basement of a seldom used building.

But when construction, and the failings of a young intern stirred the cauldron of pain, the two ghosts rose from their slumber and sought justice once again.

Fortunately, one of the first things they stumbled across was the circle of mages. Driven by curiosity, and later by concern, the group unraveled the mystery behind these two specters. Armed with information, they found a way to free both ghosts from their worldly anchors and minimize the danger to a campus and staff that actively denied their existence. In the process, they gained a better understanding of what they could do, as a circle, and what it meant to be mages.


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