Fragmented Dreams

The White Glove Society
Chapter 1 - Episode 1

Summary of Event Timeline

  • Crystal received an Invite to a Masquerade Party from her gregarious friend Eric.
  • Crystal attended the party, where Eric was selected as the “King for the Night”.
  • Following the party, Eric seemed to go missing completely.
  • When the mages went to investigate, they were hit by a wave of amnesia, with memories of Eric slipping away.
  • The mages reconvened at the Sanctum, and decided to investigate further.
  • Most leads ended nowhere – the parties are very mysterious. However, AV twisted fate and delivered a single invitation on July 2nd, for a July 4th party.
  • The mages also note that they can remember Eric once again.
  • The mages crafted 3 more invitations, including the ‘bloody thumbprint’ on the bottom, as well as costumes and masks.
  • Balsa and Charlotte performed a ritual that would hide everyone’s aura during the length of the party.
  • The mages arrived at the party, held at a National Guard base.
  • During the party:
    -—— AV Traveled around with a middle-aged beauty named Jezabelle
    -—— Charlotte watched the party for ‘wolves among the sheep’
    -—— Crystal and Balsa both enjoyed the party – within reason.
  • At 1 AM, the ‘Sneering Queen’ named Jezebel ‘Queen for the Night’.
  • Charlotte observed ‘wolves’ closing in over time, slowly separating Jezebel from the rest of the party.
  • Balsa followed, and waited to Ambush, the Sneering Queen (who had bent Balsa’s will with some sort of magic)
  • Eventually, AV was separated from Jezebel, and the players decided it was time to act:
    -—— AV used his mind magic to steer Jezebel towards the exit
    -—— Crystal made all of the vermin in the building go crazy
    -—— Balsa confronted the Sneering Queen
    -—— Charlotte wisely headed for the exit
  • End of Session

XP Award –
Downtime XP – 2 XP for May and June
Arcane XP – 1 XP for participating in ritual magic

(Please let me know if I missed anything)

Summary - Chapter Zero

Hospitals, by their very nature, are places where tragic things sometimes happen. But, in a mystery the circle unraveled, OHSU had a particularly dark spot that it had gone to great lengths to hide. As it turns out, a particularly crazed doctor in the mid 30’s resorted to all sorts of torture in the name of science, and by the time his work was ended, he had laid the painful groundwork for two tortured souls. When a young academic, Caleb Hornfellow , was tasked with sweeping it under the rug, the fate of those souls was cemented in time.

And for decades, they slumbered, hidden away in the basement of a seldom used building.

But when construction, and the failings of a young intern stirred the cauldron of pain, the two ghosts rose from their slumber and sought justice once again.

Fortunately, one of the first things they stumbled across was the circle of mages. Driven by curiosity, and later by concern, the group unraveled the mystery behind these two specters. Armed with information, they found a way to free both ghosts from their worldly anchors and minimize the danger to a campus and staff that actively denied their existence. In the process, they gained a better understanding of what they could do, as a circle, and what it meant to be mages.


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