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Film Expert – Specialty in Lost Films


Denice Jaylen, the young woman known more broadly by her Filmaphilia name of Gloria__Gena, was at one point very well respected within the Filmaphilia community. Her screen name is derived from the a prominent role (Gloria) played by actress Gena Rowland, who she claims to look similar to.

Several years back, Gloria__Gena came into conflict with A.V. over a copy of a lost film that she claimed to have in her possession. The two had a long standing rivalry over their eclectic knowledge, and Gloria__Gena’s possession of this particular footage “Nobody Ordered Love” had elevated her status considerably. Not one to be beaten, A.V. used his magical talents to track down and present damning evidence that indicated she couldn’t possibly have a copy of the movie (by referencing early copies of the script, which contradicted what she claimed to have seen in the film). His evidence was well placed and well played, and the response from the Forums was both harsh and swift. Gloria__Gena, once a prominent figure, was stampeded under a torrent of shame and ridicule.

Since then, she has fallen off the radar, little more than a shadowy lurker in the forums where she once shined.


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