Finder of the Lost

A Spirit with a Grudge...



The following represents a summary of Charlotte’s understanding of Finder’s capabilities -

Rank: 2
Attributes: Power 3, Finesse 4, Resistance 3
Willpower: 6, Essence: 15
Initiative: 7, Defense: 4, Corpus: 8
Speed: 12, Size: 5

Influences: Chaos 2, Misplaced things 1

Reaching, Seek, Left-Handed Spanner, Thieve, Greater Influence (Chaos)


Charlotte’s early experimentation with magic led to a hard lesson in “not messing with things you don’t understand”. In her teens she came across a handwritten text in the library of the boarding school she was attending, it hinted of summoning and urging spirits to do obey your will. Unfortunately she not only misunderstood the intent of the writer (whom she was never able to find), when she summoned “Finder” she made the mistake of speaking in rhyme… needless to say calling a spirit without understanding it’s influence and then confronting it with it’s ban left a very negative impression.

The proper ritual would have involved sacrificing an appropriately significant object lost by someone else and “Finder” would theoretically return something you yourself was missing. Of course she learned all this after the fact, and the damage had already been done. All she learned of the original author is that they had some ties to Discordianism, and that the ritual book was written as a prank/trap to sow more chaos.

She encountered it years ago, in the intervening time she’s had a few run ins with “Finder” himself, as well as the ferret-like minions of his small court of chaos. So far it’s been less than life threatening, but there is an air of malice in each of their meetings and Charlotte is convinced he’ll not leave her alone until some sort of appeasement has been made.

Finder of the Lost

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