Charlotte Finch

Student of Human Potential (Psychology and the Arcane)


Character sheet here

Age: 25
Hair: Naturally brown, but currently blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’4"

Charlotte usually has a conservative manner of dress any time she’s heading to or coming from campus. She promotes a fairly professional looking appearance, typical of someone with an upper class upbringing. On off days and when she gets caught up in adventures with our little circle she tends towards a more relaxed look, trading her cardigans, pencil skirts, and dress shoes, for a hoodie, jeans, and a pair of chucks.

Anyone who has known her for more than 6 months prior to the events at OHSU would know that she originally had rather long brown hair, but seemingly out of nowhere she had it chopped it into a short style and professionally bleached.


Just going to post my twenty questions answers here as they fill in enough of Charlotte’s bio without me having to rewrite it all. Note that Lottie = Charlotte, I know I mentioned this before but in case there were any questions as to who Lottie was. It’s her birth name.

1. What’s your character’s theme song?

The Passenger – original Iggy Pop version.
At first glance Lottie seems like somewhat of a conformist, but the truth is she just prefers to express her individuality through action instead of appearance. She knows deep down she’ll never really fit into mundane society, and embraces the freedom that knowing gives her. For Lottie, the world is merely potential without expectation… a sky full of stars shining bright just for her.

2. Which relative is your character closest to and why?

She’s was a bit of a daddy’s girl growing up, but as she got older it felt more and more to her that her parents were almost a singular entity. They are the rare case in this world where true love is found between soulmates. However despite of (or possibly because of) the closeness between them, she often felt herself as if she were an outsider in her own home. They showed her as much love as could ever be expected for a child, but in the light of the passion between them it always seemed to pale in comparison. They provided her with all the attention she desired and have a healthy family relationship but she still gravitates towards independence. She never had siblings or visited other family enough to form much of a bond with more distant relatives either, so the closest relationship is with both of her parents by default.

3. What does your character’s bedroom look like?

Above the underlying neatness expressed by her highly organized mind, the clutter of several simultaneous projects lie scattered about her desktop and bookshelf on the far wall. The white hoodie she tends to throw on as the chill falls in the evenings lives on the back of her desk chair when it’s not on being worn. She has a small bed pushed into the corner on the same wall as the door with a few extra pillows piled near the headboard, but the linens and chenille throw look more like a store display than something a person actually sleeps in. She doesn’t own a dresser, all of her clean clothes are either hung up neatly or folded in a IKEA closet organizer. Her dirty clothes are usually laying in, or on the floor near, her canvas laundry tote. Other than a handful of art posters she bought to cover the blank white expanses of her walls, the only other semi decorative thing in the room is a full length stand mirror that matches her bedframe (a gift from her parents).

4. If your character was going to cast a spell to make someone more friendly, how would they do it? (Presume they have the Spheres to do this.)

Solely as an effort to bolster her own talents for interacting with difficult people, she would open her mind to the geometric parallels between herself and her target’s life-paths. Objects (or souls) moving with a synchronous attitude to one another cause less friction relative to each other. With a little magic it’s not that hard to find something in common with a complete stranger, seven degrees of separation and all that…

5. Given your character’s virtue, why do they have it?

Lottie’s independent nature looks natural and effortless now, but growing up it was significantly less graceful. Without a lot of guidance from others she ended up learning a lot in life through trial and error. The virtue of temperance, in her case, has been the natural result of learning from the countless mistakes she’s made to get to this point in her life.

6. What were the high school years like for your character?

By all reckoning her high school experience should have been a nightmare, weird yet intelligent girl not pretty enough to get by on looks alone… But somehow her quiet confidence placed her into the space comfortably between popular and unnoticed. Academically she excelled, even with the constant distractions of her magical awakening and the social minefield that surrounded her dealings with the mix of egos her prestigious school seemed to attract.

7. Who is your character’s closest friend?

The closest friends she has had in years are the other members of the cabal. Magic has been the central driving force in her life for some time, and finally having someone to share that with has opened her up significantly. On a more romantic level, Lottie’s dated a bit over the years but she never felt like it amounted to anything. She has a difficult time not comparing her own relationships to that of her parents, and that alone makes it hard for her to connect with anyone.

8. What part of being magical does your Character like the least?

In the past the part of being magical she liked the least was simply that she couldn’t discuss it with anyone without having to pass it off as a joke or hypothetical question. She thought interacting with the other cabal members would fill that void in her life. Unfortunately, even though she can openly discuss her ideas about magic she’s finding there are still aspects about her personal life she can’t share with them. The part she dislikes most about being magical is all the secrets, she hates that no matter who she is speaking to she still has to hide something.

9. What movie can your character watch over and over?

Kung Fu Hustle – anything by Stephen Chow really. Lottie’s guilty pleasure is silly action martial arts films. It’s doubtful she’s subjected the other cabal members to it though. Aside from it being well outside of the persona she presents, she’s sure AV would ruin it with some kind of critique instead of just laughing like he’s supposed to. There is such a thing as too serious…

10. What is your character’s dream for the future?

If you asked her she would give a list of degrees she hopes to collect with all the grant money she applies for, but the truth is harder for her to talk about. She wants the freedom to express the magical aspects of her life as well as the “normal” and not have to hide any part of herself. And what she would never admit is that she desperately wants someone to share it with. She’s trying to keep her dreams realistic, but she really really wants the kind of companionship she sees between her parents.

11. – 15. (Waiting on Dru)

16. What were the circumstances of your character’s discovery that magic was real?

It was back when she was attending the exclusive private boarding school where her parents sent her. Lottie discovered that if she wanted to know bad enough, she could “see” inside of closed containers (even rooms). At first she though it was some kind of psychic ability, but later discovered it to be an understanding of metaphysical relationships. Distance and space are an illusion of perception, everything is actually defined by its connection to everything else. Her exploration of this understanding eventually revealed the coded symbols underlying the structure of reality, and she learned that she could “edit” them by force of will. Observing that no one else seemed to be able to grasp the malleability of that structure, Lottie came to the conclusion that she was somehow more “cosmically significant” than average. From that point on it became her goal to test her limits. And like all exercises, the only true test of one’s ability is to push against something that can push back. So she began her search to find another mage.

17. Who (if anyone) have you told about your discovery?

It wasn’t until she met Balsa that she opened up to someone. Before that she spent close to a decade surreptitiously observing people at the schools she attended or other public places. She watched endlessly, hoping to run into anyone that had the same distortion effect on the reality as herself. When she finally did meet another mage, it was a chance encounter during one of her volunteer assignments at a local highschool. Balsa was the first other human she met that bore the aura of cosmic significance.

18. How is the world different? What changed for your character between the time they were ignorant to magic and now?

When Lottie first became aware of magic, she was still young enough that she was able to adapt to the idea even though she seemed to be unique in her ability to grasp it. That being said, she is probably more cautious than she would have turned out otherwise. Simply knowing that things exist beyond the reality that we were raised to believe in is enough to give her pause when encountering something she doesn’t understand.

19. Given what amounts to an almost godlike ability to shape reality, how has your character’s view of religion been changed?

Being able to visualize ideas from her own mind  into reality by will alone has made Lottie question the basis of most religious beliefs. Even before she met the other members of the cabal she knew there had to be other awakened beings out there somewhere. Knowing that much, it wasn’t a big stretch to posit that they may have taken advantage and claimed to be prophets or deities to those willing to believe. She’s purposely avoided organized religions “just in case” since the idea that it could all be based on a lie came to her. These thoughts haven’t devolved into any paranoia that the church might be ruled by some mage masquerading as Christ, but for the time being she’s decided that religion as a whole doesn’t have much to offer her.

20. What is your character’s biggest fear?

Lottie’s biggest fear is that magic isn’t real, and that she’d suffered some form of schizophrenic break back in her early teens. Fearing the worst, she voluntarily joined a number of psychology studies and educated herself as much as possible on the subject. Taking all the outside evidence and accounting for professional opinions, she is confident that she’s sane. Though it does sometimes bother her that she doesn’t have anyone with an objective opinion who she can really talk to about magic. It leaves that shadow of doubt creeping around in the back of her mind, particularly when she’s feeling hormonal.

Charlotte Finch

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