Fragmented Dreams

Session Summary - 7/11/14

(Note: I’ll update the names later when I have access to my notes)

  • Crystal went with (the Sneering Queen) to her home, masquerading as a friend who had been watching over her.
  • It was noted that the home had an alarm system.
  • Crystal began looking for notes, and also called out to The Hangman for help. She found a note left for (the Sneering Queen), and was warned to avoid the garage by The Hangman. She ate the note.
  • The rest of the characters arrived in a pickup truck, and decided to enter the garage and investigate.
  • Inside, they found a 12 year old girl who appears to have hung herself. Later investigation showed that she was alone at the time of he death, but their was a car in the garage that has since been moved.
  • Meanwhile, Crystal helped the Sneering Queen prepare for that night’s party. Then, left her to rest in her bedroom.
    *In the garage, it was noted that someone had hacked the junction box. The players decided to trigger a fake alarm, so whoever was listening would come running.
  • They lay in ambush…
  • … and about 10 minutes later, two guys showed up. One was a hipster looking fellow who tried to use some sort of magical power on a character, the other was an tall, gun-wielding guy with a gun.
  • Through a combination of luck and magic, the party subdued the two, and decided to take them hostage in order to get some answers.
  • Additionally, Crystal was able to help keep the Sneering Queen asleep, while Balsa helped keep things quiet. The hope is that noone is any wiser to the chaos that happened here.
  • The party is now taking the captive(s) somewhere to get some questions answered.

(If I missed anything critical, please let me know!)


thrummycap SeanCasey

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