Fragmented Dreams

Chapter 2 - Lost & Found - S1 Summary

Plot Summary

Before launching into the present story, their was a short narrative about the evolution of the group’s hallow, which now includes a strange screen where users review their own past in grainy, mind bending detail. The game then returned to the present -

On what was otherwise a quiet night at work, A.V. found himself threatened and intimidated by a gun wielding man he later identified as Edward Jaylen. Apparently, Edward’s sister, an old rival of A.V.‘s had gone missing and the young man had decided to forgive an old wrong if A.V. could use his ’political connections’ to find his his sister Denice. He didn’t seem to realize where Alex’s real power came from, and instead assumed that his presence at the summer’s party indicated political or underworld connections.

After agreeing, A.V. met up with the other mages and discussed the situation. Unfortunately, the only real clues they had to go on were a key and an address, along with A.V.’s knowledge of the woman from his past rivalry with her. It was agreed that they would check out the house and see what they could discover.

The Jaylen home itself seemed somewhat overrun and neglected, though clearly it was once beautiful. Investigation inside revealed that the family of four seemed to have lost their son to the military a few years back, while the father had slipped into the grave about a year ago. The mother, Susan, and daughter had been floating by, though clearly Gloria_Gena, or Denice, had been spending most of her time shut away in a well appointed filmographical fortress.

Inside her room, the group discovered a few things of note. First, she had apparently left of her own accord about a week ago, attending to meet with a man named Mario Matias who was selling some second hand movies, one of which interested her – 1965’s Gogolo – a lost film. The other thing of note was a VHS film of ‘Nobody Ordered Love’, the lost film that had been at the heart of Denise’s online fall from fame. Oddly, the film seems to contradict AV;s sure-fire knowledge, creating a strange duality that they have yet to understand. The film also features Denice’s now dead father, Feliciano, and raises as many questions as it answers.

Deciding to split up for the time, A.V. and Balsa returned to safety with the VHS player and it’s contents (following an accident where the tape had nearly been destroyed). Together, they safely extracted and restored the damaged VHS. Meanwhile, Crystal and Charlotte made their way to Mario’s home, setting up camp a short distance away to examine the home. They noted that two adult sized humans were in the home, and the home had a resonance of poverty and desperation. Charlotte also tried to locate Denice’s mind and was unable to do so – suggesting that she might be dead, in a comma, or somehow beyond the reach of her magic.

Through all of this, everyone save Crystal struggles with their own recent forays into deeper magic – each unlocking the third tier of a given arcana.

Award Notes

Automatic XP – All
Learning Curve XP – Crystal has begun to question the reliability of time in general, and seems to be struggling with her own feeble understanding. What if they can’t trust their own memories to be true? What if the past is as mutable as the future?
Roleplaying XP – All, A.V. & Charlotte were specifically called out as exceptional.
Heroism XP – A.V.s bravery in the moment was mentioned, but it didn’t quite seem to fit

Willpower – A.V. seemed to have furthered his own vice – but was already full of WP

Arcane xp – None. Several players are on the verge of such an insight, but none are there yet.

Best Spell of the Night
It was decided that the best use of magic was probably Charlotte’s use of sympathetic magic, in connection with her knowledge of the human psyche, to find a password that resonated with Denice’s computer. It was an excellent way to overcome what could have become a major problem.


Minor typo, in the last sentence before the XP summary you put Crystal instead of Charlotte.

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